Darker Shades in Spring





I have been wanting to photograph this outfit for sooo long now, and yesterday I finally just did it. Everything I am wearing is a bargain, because that’s simply how I shop.

&& I am putting an emphasis on more dark colors in my wardrobe right now even though it’s spring just because when you’re a parent, dark colors look best with all those unexpected but expected spills and stains 😉 And I’ve always found that I feel most comfortable when wearing darker shades, but I have to be careful because I’m super fair skinned (like on a vampire level) that I don’t want to appear washed out. So wearing blacks and dark browns is great, but I try to always remember to lighten it up just a little on the top.

Top: Charming Charlie ($3)

Jacket: White House Black Market ($4)

Bottoms: Wet Seal ($4)

Boots: Soda ($10)

Photographer: Myself

Part II

















While we were in South Dakota we visited my Grandma several times. We went out on a long walk around her neighborhood, and just sat around her visiting in her room. I loved it, and so did Em. She was all about sharing a cinnamon roll with her the last day we were there, and blowing her tons of kisses everyday we saw her at  (it made my heart melt <3<3<3

We were at Falls Park several times as well, because it was a perfect place to just let Em burn energy and be free. So I recommend it to any families traveling in the area, plus it’s a great place for some pictures. We did a lot of driving, and had tons of plans while we were there for a short time, so it was refreshing to just be outside in such a beautiful place just to run around. My Aunt and Uncle are in one of the pictures above with my ma. They are so great, and fun to be around. And I’m so happy we got to spend some time with them this year, this trip wouldn’t have happened without them!

Sunday April 17th, we drove to Watertown, SD for a service to remember my dad. Many of his friends and our family were there sharing stories of times with him, and after we shared coffee with a lot of creamer (just as he liked it) and cookies. Then we took a stroll around the downtown area, taking lots of pictures and just taking in the time we all had together. It was all so beautiful.

After the service, Stan Em and I drove out to Lake Kampeska where my dad, his sister and my grandparents lived for some time. The lake where he swam and continues to hold state records.

South Dakota will always have a meaningful place in my heart. A place that I have so many memories with my cousins like swimming at Wild Water West Waterpark, jumping on the trampoline, eating lefse countless times (courtesy of our Grandma), and exploring places like Mount Rushmore,Wall Drug, and Crazy Horse as a kid. I feel so lucky to have always had such wonderful and loving people in my life, and now to have shared a small piece of that with Emma and Stan will only add to the memories.

Photographer: Stan & I @ Lost Wages Photography


Sweet South Dakota Part I













South Dakota is where my dad grew up, and where I spent almost two weeks of every summer for the last twenty plus years. It has always felt like a home away from home for me, and this year was so different because I didn’t have my dad like usual. It was a very emotional trip for many reasons, but I am so glad we went.

Our first day was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house near Sioux Falls simply exploring the countryside. Emma was in love to say the least. She was so entertained with the cats, all of her Midwest cousins, the rolling hills and the trampoline! We also drove to a nearby town called Del Rapids and took Emma to a park by the Sioux River, it was so beautiful and they seemed to have the tallest slides ever!

Later during the weekend we took Em to the Great Plains Zoo. It was inexpensive fun to keep us (her) busy for hours. We saw it all from zebras, rhinos, to penguins! Oh yeah and we explored a dragon exhibit…Emma wasn’t the biggest fan of that idea. (See her crawling away from the blow up dragon in the picture?) It was hard not to laugh. Haha.

More from my travel diary for South Dakota part II is coming up next week, so be on the lookout!

Your Flat Lay for Today



I shot some of my make up just for kicks a while back. I was doing some other make up reviews, and simply decided to get a little artsy with what I already in my make up case. Each of these were given to me, and I can say that I absolutely love each one. From my minty green eye shadows, all the way to my favorite Tory Burch Lip Gloss.

Eyeshadow: 5 Couleurs Designer

(here is a link to the exact minty green palate that I have)  http://www.dior.com/beauty/en_us/fragrance-beauty/makeup/eyes/eyeshadows/pr-eyeshadows-y0148140_f014814308-the-makeup-artist-tutorial-palette.html

Mascara: Victoria’s Secret

Lip Stick: Tory Burch “Ramble on Rose” http://www.toryburch.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-ToryBurch_US-Site/default/Link-Product?pid=56GJ01

Photographer: Myself


Elephant Print







Stan and I both collect elephant things. Whether it’s a shirt like this one or a figurine we at least take notice to it.

I found this shirt on a clearance rack at JC Penny’s for only $10, and I was immediately sold! Bright colors easily catch my eye, and orange just happens to be one of my favorite colors to wear overall. As  you can tell with my matching purse and shoes 😉 So this outfit was fun to put together, because I already had pieces that matched it.

Top: A.N.A.

Bottoms: Fragile Blue Jeans

Purse: Jessica Simpson

Shoes: Croft&Barrow

Pretty & Practical




I LOVE a decent denim jacket, and right now they seem to be all the rage again. For me it’s something in my closet that gives me endless possibilities, and extra confidence when I wear it, not to mention they are a pretty practical piece to have around for those chilly days.

What is your favorite fashion piece in your closet?

Jackets (in order from top-bottom):

Lauren Conrad

White House Black Market

No Boundaries

Abercrombie and Fitch

Sunnies: Unknown

Necklace: $1 $2 $3 Fashion

Photographer: Myself

April Street Style









Before I talk about the details of this outfit, I just want to say how happy I am with my hair-finally! It’s been a long recovery it seemed like from all of the bleaching and dying throughout the years. And when I found out I was pregnant a little over two years ago, I vowed to myself to not ever permanently dye my hair again. So here it is, no dye, just trims, and all natural and I couldn’t be happier about it.

And about this outfit…this top is from a store that I used to be a stylist at (unfortunately they’re not in business anymore) it was called SYLK. The top is actually a bodysuit which for me is even better. It’s a much easier style to tuck into bottoms and it stays in place. Plus with the cut out sleeves, it’s a look that can truly go from evening to night effortlessly.

The shorts were a find at Forever 21 years ago, and I can’t get over the button fly, high waist look. I wish all of my pants and shorts looked like this pair. && I left a link below to some similar shorts that I found online 😀

Top: S.Y.L.K.

Bottoms: Forever 21 (similar pair found here http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=bottom_jeans&productid=2000152828)

Shoes: Mossimo

Photographer: Kirsi R.