Vin River




This dress holds a special place in my heart, with its vintage feel and all its flowers. When I saw it hanging on a rack in the back of a thrift store the first thought that came to mind was “I hope this fits!”

I was out and about with my dad having a father daughter day when I found this masterpiece, and the astonishing part of it was that it only cost $4. So I tried it on and made my way to the register to buy it when I was told that they don’t accept anything but cash. I shouldn’t have been surprised being that we were in a REALLY small desert town in Arizona. But it meant that I couldn’t buy the dress, it was okay. I was only partly torn because of it 😉

Before I knew it though, my dad went to the register and asked for the dress that I had and bought it for me. It may only seem like $4 and not much, but to me it was at the time. I was working a lot for a low wage in a far away state where rent was crazy expensive and I was going to college. So for my dad to buy me something that I really liked but didn’t need was awesome.

Just last month my dad passed away. He was my best friend. So that dress meant a lot back then, and it means a whole lot more now. I hold onto that day and it’s memories so fondly and thank him for always joining me on those father daughter days, I wish we still had more.

Dress: Vintage Thrift Find

Pearls: My Stepmom Sandra

Jacket: White House Black Market

Photographer: M. McDonald


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