Pismo Beach Round 1












Our first day in Pismo Beach, CA it was just us. The two of us, it felt like a honeymoon (since we still hadn’t had one yet, and we were married in June). Emma stayed with her Grandma, cousins and family from Thailand a few hours away and simply had the time of her life. It was her first sleepover with other kiddos. Milestone!

First thing first when we got into town was to check into our hotel. And to our surprise we were upgraded-to a beach house with a stunning view! (Those pictures are to come). We loved our view so much, and we were tired from the long drive that we just stayed in, ordered pizza and watched football. Well Stan watched football haha I prepped  blog material 🙂

The Second day we had lunch at a cool cafe with a 50s diner feel to it, watched more football and walked around the pier. This was just  what we needed, a small beach town getaway. And while we were waiting for the rest of the family and our beloved Emma to get into town we decided to sight see. We drove around Pismo a little more, heading more into the Shell Beach area until we found a place that we could walk down to the beach and wander. We found the best spot, and we sat back in our own private cove with a cave and watched people kyak while we soaked up the sun. It was beyond perfect. And then Emma arrived. And we found that it really did get better than it already was. Watching her admire and take in the magnificence, and strength of the ocean crashing down in front of her. Letting her taste salt water taffy for the first time. See her chase the seagulls away (that was my favorite-because they’e definitely a top fear of mine).

This was our bliss.

Top: Wet Seal

Jeans: (Target) Surprise-they’re jeggings! Follow this link to find a similar pair (the ones here were clearance)


Shoes: Charlotte Russe


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