Hey guys, today’s post was slightly improvised because 1. I wanted to wear this dress one more time before the summer season completely disappears, and 2. because I wanted to have some pictures to go with something more personal that I wanted to share with you.

So here we go,

The other day I had one job interview in particular that I was hoping to land with flying colors. (I’m currently getting things together to jump back into the world of retail again.) I have been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, wife and homemaker for over a year now. And back in May of this year I had already started applying for work, but soon found out that my dad was terribly sick. So I decided to post pone working, and just dedicate his last days to being with him and caring for him with my step mom. It was an easy decision to make, but I knew that when the day came that he passed away I was going to NEED to go back to work, anywhere even. Just to keep moving forward. So within a month after him being gone I began working as a barista, making Belgium waffles that were decked out to the nines and organic smoothies. It was great, but short lived because the location I was working at closed. So I was left without a job, but it was okay because it gave me the opportunity to begin applying to fashion stores.

After a few weeks, and a handful of applications later I read that there was a job fair/interview for a store at a local mall that will be opening soon. I arrived dress in all black-long black detailed pencil skirt, black button up tucked in and black slingback wedges (photos to come). As far as I was concerned I was ready. I was excited, I loved the store I was applying for, and when I got there and begin my interview it all went south from there. I just froze during the middle of it all, right after she asked me “tell me what you know about the company.”  It’s not like me to become nervous to the point of being frozen when talking to anyone. And I knew the answer like the back of my hand, but my nerves got the best of me. I finished the interview the best I could and hoped she would see where I was coming from, and still consider me a valuable candidate. I haven’t heard back yet, and if I don’t that’s okay too. I will keep moving forward.

So if you don’t ever land your dream interview, don’t beat yourself up over it. We’ve all been there in one way or another. Just keep moving forward-always.

Dress: Feathers

Shoes: Monny (Another trendy gift from Cady)

Photographer: Myself


This little gem is an outtake. Emma playing with rocks, our patio in the raw and me in bright morning light. Have a great day, and remember to keep moving forward.


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