Pismo Beach Round 2














Don’t you just love family photos? Someone is always looking the other direction, talking haha or dressed like Charlie Brown 😉 But nonetheless they are priceless pictures full of memories to cherish. So I will forever cherish our family group pictures on the beach, they may not go in a frame but they will definitely make it into a scrapbook! 🙂

Stan and I hadn’t been to Pismo Beach since we were little and with our parents, so it was great to be back again with our little darling to show her the beach again and experience the coastal life for a few days. It’s definitely a town that’s on our vacation spot list for future trips.

Our last day in Pismo Beach certainly came too fast, but sweet Em had developed a cold and it was time to go. Before we left though we took her to Dinosaur Caves Park, which was down the street from our hotel. It had a spectacular view and large play whales for her to climb on. She was a happy camper and so were we. And we also stopped at a local salt water taffy store called Tomasko’s and the service was GREAT! They also make the taffy right there in the store. We filled a few bags with flavors like peanut butter, chocolate and strawberry. It was delightful.

On our drive home we detoured to the Carpenteria area to pick up my mother in law and head back to Vegas. But before we reached where she was staying, we were lucky enough to stop at a resort that had a beautiful coastal view and nature preserve to walk through before hitting the wide open beach. Hence the last several pictures of Emma scooping up new rocks to add to her collection.

Charlie Brown Style Sweater: Unknown-no tag or stamp of who made it 😦

Dress with Belt: Forever 21

Leopard Top: Topshop


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