Playing Tourists Today














Emma and I stepped out of the house early in the AM on Sunday simply to play tourists in our own city. At first we were going to head West and check out Red Rock Canyon, but the storm clouds over that area were way to intense for my liking haha.

So we went East instead towards the downtown and art district. They have an awesome area for families at Container Park, so that became our go to spot for the day. There is a GIANT praying mantis at the entree way, that is oh so inviting. So I rolled Emma up in her buggy and snapped a shot of her “lounging” with her feet up and everything-I love it! We also shot some quick pictures of my outfit that morning too. It was a little chilly so I threw on one of my latest favorite tops because it’s so 70s and backless. Two of my favorite things in one.

And our last stop was at my favorite doughnut shop. I’ve posted there before, and just had to go back for more doughnuts to bring back for my husband to enjoy too. It’s called “O Face Doughnuts,” and it very welcoming with a unique and very delicious menu written on a chalkboard. This is where I gave a vegan doughnut a try, and I liked it so much. It’s my all time favorite now, because it has the perfect amount of sweet for me to satisfy my craving. If you haven’t tried one before, I recommend it!

Top: Lily White

Jeans: Bubblegum

Shoes: Mossimo

Photographer: Myself


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