Oh, Emma



About a year ago my dear friend Nicola from Morning Elegance (a fashion and lifestyle blog) came to visit and meet Emma. We decided to take a short drive to a place called Tivoli Village, and take some pictures for her blog and snap a few of Em and I. It was great, we started out at Leone Cafe and had our fill of fruit and salad. Then we walked around, looking at different shops and snapping pictures. I was so very new to motherhood, and Emma was so very new to the world still, so her and I were both learning how to be away from the comfort of home for a little outing. I love looking back at pictures of her, because she has grown so much and there are days that I do miss those baby days of hers.

Emma was a little over 3 months old in these pictures, and now she is almost 15 months old! Crazy how time really does fly by —> insert 😥 [extremely sad face] She is now running, saying “hi!”, giving the best hugs and kissies, laughing when we laugh, sitting in our laps for story time, snoozing in a toddler bed with the free reign of getting up on her own and venturing throughout the house. And man, am I proud of her.

I’m so happy that Nicola took these pictures so I have them to look back on.

Top: S.Y.L.K.

Bottoms: Unkown (Ross) Jeggings! Can you tell I’m a fan 😉

Shoes: Croft&Barrow

Photographer: Nicola of Morning Elegance fashion/lifestyle blog


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