The Great Escape Part I

We thought we’d enjoy the holiday by doing a photo shoot with our daughter at the park.  If you have ever tried this with a 1-2 year old, you will understand the futility.  This is the story of the Great Escape photo shoot.

“Mom’s setting up…  Here’s my chance to make a break for it!”

1greatescape1-the break



“Don’t Look Back!”

3greatescape1-dont look back

“Phew! Think I lost ’em!”

4greatescape1-think i lost them

“Oh no! It’s Mom!”

5great escape1- oh no, there she is

“oh snap… captured!”


“The agony of defeat… i need a better plan”

7greatescape1-the agony of defeat

Anyways we ended up with some pretty comical pictures to treasure nontheless. So we’re happy. && Stay tuned for part II of the shoot

Photographer: Stan Ward (Lost Wages Photography)




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