The Great Escape part II

So we got her rounded up, and by we, I mean me.  Although my husband is great at documenting the whole event, he offers little towards slowing her down.  We found a spot with interesting lighting and setup for some nice shots, but she had other things on her mind

“What’s this? A second chance?  The coast looks clear!”

8greatescape2-wait, a second chance

“Free at Last!”  (it is MLK day)

9greatescape2-the breakII

“Catch me if you can! here come’s dad…”

10greatescape2-catch me if you can

“Dad’s too slow… no worries there, Bye Dad!”

11greatescape2- hard right

“Don’t let up now”

12greatescape2-gaining a lead

“I can see the home stetch!!” (Chariot’s of Fire starts playing in the background)

13greatescape2-theres no stopping me now


14greatescape2- freeeeddddoooommm

“Lost them…. now what?”

16greatescape2-guys im getting worried

“Guys?! Heyyy… I was just kidding”

17greatescape2-heyyy- i was just kidding

“Captured again… phew!”


“Until next time…. muhahahaha”

19greatescape2-ok, you got me... for now

And that is the story of the Great Escape Photo shoot.  Although we didn’t get what we started out for, we still had fun and enjoyed the results.

Photographer: Stan Ward (Lost Wages Photography)


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