Casual Outting



Tea and a muffin with a dear friend who is about to continue her traveling adventures-this time in the Peace Corps for the next few years. So we chatted, caught up and snapped a few pictures.

The top I’m wearing is new, it was only $4 at WetSeal and I love it. I love it mostly because in the summer I don’t have to wear it with a jacket or a bra haha. It has a lovely low cut back which is my favorite look, and it is lightweight so I won’t feel like I’m suffocating in fabric when the weather warms up. I will share a more close up, detailed post about the top in the months to come, when it’s warmer and I can show you how I wear it with out the winter attire around it.

Top: WetSeal

Jacket: Paris Blues

Bottoms: WetSeal

Purse: Steve Madden

Shoes: Faded Glory

Photographer: B. Norris



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