Orange You Glad








These shoes are sheer perfection in my eyes! My step-mom and I spotted them at H&M last fall, and I fell in love with them. && they’re slingbacks! Not only do I love wearing stripes, but orange is one of my favorite colors as well.

This  top is light and airy with a blue belt, that match these shoes perfectly. I was so happy to find these pieces the same day when we were out shopping too. It’s easier for me to buy my outfits as a whole rather than separate pieces all the time.That way I can wear it all right away.

&& I’m getting used to people stopping me on the street when I’m taking “selfies” and asking what I’m doing haha. Most of the time I say that I’m a photography major working on a school project-perks of living in a college town!

Top: Cecico

Bottoms: American Eagle

Shoes: H&M (These are sold out, BUT they still have them in black!) Link below 🙂

Photographer: Myself


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