For you, Dad














Last weekend we held a small service for my dad in a place that was so very special to him.

We had a service for him last summer too shortly after he left this earth, and it was beautiful. But this. This is what he wanted for as far back as I can remember. So we honored him in the desert that he loved so much. The desert that he taught me to love too.

We carried our hiking sticks, cameras just as he used too. And we admired the rock art that was left so many years ago. It all felt right, and it all came together superbly. The views were spectacular , and so were the stories that we shared about him, and what he meant to each one of us.

I wish everyone who loved him could have been there, but with the pictures I’ve shared I hope everyone can feel that they were in a way.

And I will always wish that we had more time with him, especially for Emma’s sake. Because a year was not long enough for the two of them together. But he will always live on in our hearts, and in the desert that he showed us all how to cherish.

“His imprint was made on this desert by walking for miles and miles in search of footprints that had gone before him.” -Sandie L. (Quoted from my step-mom)


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