Denim Darling








My Ma’s backyard is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s the place where her, my Dad, the cat and I would sit out in the lawn chairs at night and count all of the shooting stars that we’d see. Usually my Dad would seem them all, I would see one or two, my mom wouldn’t see any, and as for the cat…who knows haha.

So whenever Em and I are in town, we take a few minutes to shoot around. Notice her little cameos in some of the shots 😉 love her!

This outfit says “Spring is here!” with all of its flowery details. I pretty much wear this all the time, except now that it’s about 80 degrees already I skip the boots and wear my sandals.

So happy spring you guys!

Top: $1 $2 $3 Fashion

Bottoms: Spoon Jeans

Shoes: Vera Wang



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