We were Adventurers Today






We were halfway into our lazy Sunday when we received a call from my bro in law. Him and his family were headed to the Lion Habitat Ranch, and wanted to know if we wanted to join. We decided it was a good idea for the kiddos to be together and we met up for this unexpected adventure. Stan and I both had no idea that this place even existed in this area, so it was a neat find.

While we were checking out all of the lions, lioness’, birds, and the giraffe named Ozzie, our Emma was literally “roaring” as big and as loud as she could at each animal. They weren’t the least bit frightened of her, and she wasn’t afraid of them one bit either so it was quite entertaining. && she absolutely loves being with her cousins. So it’s exciting to watch her discover things with them whenever she can.

Although I have mixed emotions when it comes to some animal habitats. I don’t love the idea of animals not being in the wild where they came at all times, just like nature intended. But, I also love the joy it brings my daughter to see animals like lions and giraffes in her home city, just like it brought me joy as a kid. We didn’t have  to pack our bags and take a long flight to Africa to show her some wild creatures. We just hopped on the freeway for about a half hour and we were there. So for that, I am thankful for these kinds of opportunities.

Photographer: Myself


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