So 80s






Hey guys 🙂 we’ve been home bound for a few days due to being sick. But we’re on the right track to being healthy again ASAP, because we have the busiest few months ahead. All of our family and friends picked the month of March to come to Las Vegas to visit haha literally everyone! So we’ve been making dinner and coffee dates with people left and right-so blessed! && in 1 month we leave for South Dakota! (My husband thinks I’m odd for counting down the days-but I’m really excited for my Grandma to meet my Emma)

&& about this outfit. Black on Black with some grey makes me feel so cool. I bought the top when I was in the beginning of my pregnancy, and I’m so happy that I fit into again-it’s soo comfy. The skirt was an impulse buy I admit, but I still love it and it only cost me $2 after I used a gift card that I had gotten. So overall I’m happy with how these pieces come together.

Top: Ambiance Apparel

Bottoms: Iris Jeans

Walmart: Faded Glory

Shoes: Decree

Photographer: Myself


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