No Trespassing







We leave for South Dakota in two weeks! It’s bittersweet for so many reasons, but I am excited for my family there to meet my little family! One night when we are there we will be attending the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I wanted something casual and edgy to wear. So as always I planned my outfit in advance haha. Black jeans and leopard print are some of my favorites to wear as you’ve seen in former posts. So I thought for this event I would wear those two things with a pair of kitten heels and a leather jacket because I imagine the weather will be a little chilly.

Top: Lovely Day

Jacket: Muscato USA

Bottoms: Wet Seal

Shoes: Mossimo

Photographer: Myself












One of my favorite fashion pieces hands down are ankle boots. To me they make an outfit so much more. They add the pizzazz to a classic black dress or plain tee and jeans look. With this outfit I took one of my favorite dresses that I used to wear when I worked in retail, but I changed it up and gave it a little more edge than I used too. Instead of plain black kitten heels like I would normally wear with this classic looking dress, I wore the boots that I wore when Stan first met me haha!

Dress: Quitii

Shoes: Madden Girl

Photographer: Kirsi R.

Inspiration: Waldo






IMG_7210 (2)

I LOVE this top for so many reasons, so I wear it pretty often. I love the coral color, the horizontal stripes (my fav) and the fact that it’s the shortest shirt I own believe it or not-so it brings me out of my comfort zone.

Although my husband on the other hand haha calls me “Waldo” when he sees me in it. I generally have a good sense of humor about things, so I laugh because we both think he’s funny most of the time 😀 And it simply makes me want to wear it even more because it’s goofy and comfortable too.


Bottoms: American Eagle

Shoes: Croft&Borrow

Photographer: Myself

Pink Flamingo










A friend of mine from Germany who I have known for more than ten years visited Las Vegas a few weeks back. So we did our usual photo shoot tradition, simply because!

I borrowed her Charming Charlie scarf (link below)  for these pictures, because I loved the print and color palette with my pink coat.

So we spent a few hours catching up, shopping and snapping photos. It was great!

Coat: Rue21

Top: $1 $2 $3 Fashion

Bottoms: Wet Seal

Scarf: Charming Charlie (Link below)

Purse: Candies

Shoes: Dexflex

Photographer: Kirsi R. & Myself



Hair Shoppe








This scarf is a favorite of mine. Not just because it came from Stan’s family, who happen to be some of the kindest people ever to exist. But also because it’s covered in elephants and shimmery material 🙂 In Vegas though, I’m not one to wear a scarf traditionally too often so my scarfs usually pile up and collect dust in my closet more often than not.

It wasn’t until I heard about tying it into a vest that I really started wearing it a lot. Here is a link for a quick tutorial of how I did it for this specific look.


So feel free to give a similar look a try if you think it’s something you’d like!

Top: Wet Seal

Vest: (Scarf) from Thailand

Bottoms: E-Port

Shoes: Everything (They only cost $1 on a clearance rack!)

Photographer: Myself

So 80s






Hey guys 🙂 we’ve been home bound for a few days due to being sick. But we’re on the right track to being healthy again ASAP, because we have the busiest few months ahead. All of our family and friends picked the month of March to come to Las Vegas to visit haha literally everyone! So we’ve been making dinner and coffee dates with people left and right-so blessed! && in 1 month we leave for South Dakota! (My husband thinks I’m odd for counting down the days-but I’m really excited for my Grandma to meet my Emma)

&& about this outfit. Black on Black with some grey makes me feel so cool. I bought the top when I was in the beginning of my pregnancy, and I’m so happy that I fit into again-it’s soo comfy. The skirt was an impulse buy I admit, but I still love it and it only cost me $2 after I used a gift card that I had gotten. So overall I’m happy with how these pieces come together.

Top: Ambiance Apparel

Bottoms: Iris Jeans

Walmart: Faded Glory

Shoes: Decree

Photographer: Myself

We were Adventurers Today






We were halfway into our lazy Sunday when we received a call from my bro in law. Him and his family were headed to the Lion Habitat Ranch, and wanted to know if we wanted to join. We decided it was a good idea for the kiddos to be together and we met up for this unexpected adventure. Stan and I both had no idea that this place even existed in this area, so it was a neat find.

While we were checking out all of the lions, lioness’, birds, and the giraffe named Ozzie, our Emma was literally “roaring” as big and as loud as she could at each animal. They weren’t the least bit frightened of her, and she wasn’t afraid of them one bit either so it was quite entertaining. && she absolutely loves being with her cousins. So it’s exciting to watch her discover things with them whenever she can.

Although I have mixed emotions when it comes to some animal habitats. I don’t love the idea of animals not being in the wild where they came at all times, just like nature intended. But, I also love the joy it brings my daughter to see animals like lions and giraffes in her home city, just like it brought me joy as a kid. We didn’t have  to pack our bags and take a long flight to Africa to show her some wild creatures. We just hopped on the freeway for about a half hour and we were there. So for that, I am thankful for these kinds of opportunities.

Photographer: Myself